Membrane-based (laser) microdissection – developed in the 1990s for the detection of (tumour) specific alterations in solid tumours – has become a life sciences key technology for the analysis of specific cells or subcellular compartments on the genomic, RNA or protein level.

In the living cell sector and in developmental biology cells of interest can be manipulated and isolated. This new technique is also being used in plant and animal biology.

It replaces the scraping of single cells off microscopic slides and facilitates the photographic documentation of the microdissectates.

This is a prerequisite for reliable results when using up to date PCR technology.

Besides a modern microdissection microscope – we refer to the websites of the manufacturers, e.g. Arcturus / Life Technologies, Leica, MMI or Zeiss – well specified consumables of continually high quality are a mandatory condition for exact and reliable analyses.

MicroDissect GmbH have been manufacturing these consumables for years.