manufacturER and sellER OF premium quality products in the Microdissection area

premium quality consumables like FrameSlide, MembraneSlide, Cap, 8 Cap Strip, MembraneRing and 18 well Slide for membrane-based microdissection. Customers are renowned manufacturers of microscopes for laser microdissection and leading universities, institutes and laboratories.




Membrane-based (laser) microdissection – developed in the 1990s for the detection of (tumour) specific alterations in solid tumours – has become a life sciences key technology for the analysis of specific cells or subcellular compartments on the genomic, RNA or protein level.


Our product range


Our popular patented FrameSlides excel in most applications of membrane-based laser microdissection.


Our MembraneSlides are sealed on all four sides and are an integral part of many protocols of membrane-based laser microdissection.


This product facilitates reliably the transfer of the microdissectates from slide to reaction buffer.

8 Cap Strip

Designed for high throughput environments. Suitable for use with 96-well PCR-plates, e.g. from ABgene.


Our registered MembraneRing for use in the living cell sector features a 2.0 µm PEN membrane.

18 well Slide

This product for the living cell sector designed in co-operation with ibidi® features 18 cell culture wells in slide format.